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Facebook page dedicated to improve the image of chemtrails

Chemtrails was used to be associated with something with bad intention. But there is now a facebook page that claim chemtrails is done for something good. The page is International Chemtrail Association.

This page is a serious threat to the attempt to stop the pollution / problem caused by chemtrails. Just look how that page introduce chemtrails:
Chemtrails, what should you know and why they are good for you.

Chemtrails, what should you know and why they are good for you.

What's a chemtrail?

- A chemtrail, or chemical trail is nothing more than a simple contrail (condensation trail) with Active Aerosol Compounds (AAC), which are meant to manage solar radiation.

Are chemtrails hazardous?

- Not at all. The spraying of chemicals occurs at high altitudes, when conditions are ideal to the occurrence of contrails. Chemical compounds, and nano particles are added to a plane's fuel in order to make a contrail persist more than it usually would. This allows these compounds to effectively block a significant portion of solar radiation, thus cooling the atmosphere, countering the effects of Global Warming and greenhouse gases.
Since contrails are known to spread in a form of white haze like cirrus, it's the perfect scenario to perform a valuable, and safe GeoEngineering program.

Why are Chemtrails not what you think they are?

- Several conspiracy theories are circulating over the internet about the health implications of chemtrails and the reason why they're being sprayed.
A study conducted by the Oxford University points to positive aspects of solar radiation management and how high altitude spraying cannot have a significant effect on the lower atmosphere.

We need to act now! Global Warming is a serious threat, and it must be addressed with urgency. The International Chemtrail Association is a non profit organization, dedicated to educate people about the reality of chemtrails and their importance.

Join us in this experience and share your opinion about GeoEngineering, and the importance of countering climate change.

Ever since GeoEngineeringWatch! started to associate chemtrails with geoengineering, I already predict this to happen. Geoengineeringwatch always mention chemtrails as geoengineering. They tell people that chemtrails is an attempt to remedy global warming.

Dane Wigington, the owner of geoengineeringwatch, tell people to stop calling chemtrails as chemtrails because that word is now associated with lunatic or something. Even if we ignore the fact that Dane Wigington fail to make Mick West submit to this kind of definition, there are still a lot of reason why we should not call chemtrails as geoengineering.

I have made some article to show that chemtrails is not a remedy at all, and chemtrails may be the real cause of global warming.
Chemtrails are not the same as geoengineering; the public has been hoodwinked!
Chemtrails are not Geoengineering

But I guess people did not listen. Even geoengineeringwatch still promote arctic methane release earth melting catastrophy, still telling people that chemtrails is geoengineering, still mention about how the spraying is done to cover the damage:
HAARP Geoengineering with Alchemy, Arctic Methane Global Emergency, UK Gov tells climate alarmists to “Chill Out”

In my opinion, chemtrails is the cause of the damage. It is not a cover or shield.

The activists ignorance, even among dearest friend, has forced me to make a group that spesifically define chemtrails as not a geoengineering:
Chemtrails not geoengineering not harmless contrails

Anyone who consider chemtrails as geoengineering is hampering the anti chemtrails action. If people start to beleive that chemtrails is done for a good purpose, then people would not have reason to stop them. I hope more activist realize this.

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