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Chemtrails do not require plane with huge water tank

Many chemtrails debunker / denier claim that chemtrails is impossible because that kind of operation require a lot of water. But the science show that it does not require that.

Here is some example of the claim:
Pilots explain Contrails - and the Chemtrail Hoax
Stefan, if you estimate the amount of material that is contained in a long contrail, you will find that it weighs far, far more than any aircraft carry. I will post the calculations later, but remember, the chemicals said to be contained in a "chemtrail" weigh four times what the equivalent volume of ice weighs, making it even more impossible.
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Godlike Productions - Conspiracy Forum - Why the chemtrail HOAX is the most ridiculous conspiracy on the net.
An aircraft CAN NOT CARRY anywhere near the amount of material needed to make trails the sizes you claim.
What is happening is that moisture ALREADY IN THE air is changing state and becomes visible.
After you read more you will find that those two sentence are conflicting each other.

Plane make trails because of particle. This nano particle (results of burn is nano) will then attract water to condense to it.

"Persistent contrails are ice clouds, so they are mostly made of ice. They also are likely to contain aircraft exhaust products (including soot and dissolved gases like sulfur dioxide) , but they are overwhelmingly made from moisture condensed out of the surrounding air. In one example reported by Knollenburg (October 1972, Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, Pages 1367-1374), the amount of moisture released by the burning of jet fuel from a research aircraft was 1.7 grams of water for every meter of flight path. However, the total water measured in a persistent contrail produced by the aircraft was conservatively measured (that is, it was likely an underestimate) to be between 20700 to 41200 grams of water for every meter of the contrail path! Nearly all of the contrail is created from the moisture in the atmosphere. 
The exhaust products from aircraft are often measured using an emission index (mass (in grams) of exhaust product divided by mass (in kg) of jet fuel burned). The sum total of the exhaust products turns out to be greater than one (the mass of the exhaust products is greater than the mass of the fuel burned because the exhaust contains oxygen from surrounding air combined with fuel during combustion)."

 Regional Climate Modeling of Aircraft Induced Cloudiness
"It has been shown (IPCC, 1999, IPCC, 2007) that this so-called aircraft induced cloudiness (AIC) has a warming impact on climate,
This graph shows that contrails can form even if the air is completely dry, but these contrails are  short-lived and the ice-crystals evaporated quickly. Only if the ambient air is ice-supersaturated (case 3) water vapor from the surroundings can condensate on the ice-crystals formed, and the contrail can grow into a cirrus clouds, which rapidly becomes indiscernible from a natural cloud.  "

More particle means thicker trails. The particle do not have to be a lot too, 5500 ppm is enough to make thick trails. 5500 ppm is 0.55%.
Particle formation in jet aircraft exhaust and contrails for different sulfur containing fuels
Abstract: - A series of experiments has been performed observing contrails formation of twin-angine jet aircraft (ATTAS-VFW 614 and Airbus A310-300) run with different sulfur containing fuels on the two engines at the same time. The fuel sulfur mass content was varied from 2 to 5500 ppm. The results suggest that contrails particles form mainly from soot particles. The higher the sulfur content the more the soot particles get activated as condensation neclei. Particles start condensing in the liquid phase but have to freeze quickly, and the water vapor mass accomodation coefficient must be larger than about 0.2 both for liquid and ice particles, in order to form a visible contrails within 25 m after the aircraft as observed.

Ultrafine particle size distributions measured in aircrat exhaust plumes
Fast Response measurement of particle size distributions were made for the first time in the near field plume of a Boeing 737-300 aircraft burning fuel with fuel sulfur contents (FSCs) of 56 and 2.6 ppmm, as well as in a fresh and dissipating contrails from the same aircraft using nine particle counters operating in parallel. suggest that non-S species can become important contributors to particulate mass at very low FSCs . 
This modification to the stratospheric aerosol surface area strongly affects stratospheric ozone by perturbing the NOx, HOx and ClOx budgets, mostly by repartitioning the odd nitrogen budget via N2O5 hydrolysis. As more data are obtained at low FSCs, it appear increasingly likely that non-S species become significant contributors of the aerosol mass budget in aircraft plumes as FSC value drop bellow several tens of ppmm.

What does it means? It means that to make a thick trails, the sprayer can just use a little amount of particle. This particle will then gather the water from surrounding (and create problem like drought, etc) and make it visible as line clouds or spread to create a huge cover of cirrus clouds. Both contrails and their cirrus clouds are known to cause warming (although some chemtrails activist said otherwise, which is discussed in other article).

Chemtrails debunker may already know this fact but choose to mislead people by claiming that contrails is water vapor. They know because when they explain about why trails can persist, they say that the water is from surrounding:
Irish Weather Online - Contrails v Chemtrails: The Science That Debunks The Conspiracy
" The study found that exhaust gases contained around 1.7 g of water vapour for every metre flown, but found actual persistent contrails to contain at least 30,000 times that level (20,700-41,200 g per metre). This means that the overwhelming majority of the water in contrails comes from the atmosphere, with only around 1 in every 30,000 molecules originating from the burning of the fuel."

They know full well that persistent contrails get the water from the surrounding air. But then they claim that chemtrails is impossible because contrails is just water vapor condensing, and the water required for long operation need water volume more than the plane?

Also keep in mind that taking water from the surrounding means the trails rob the water from the surrounding, which then can cause drought because less water means less precipitation. By robbing water from the atmosphere trails can cause serious problem.

The sky today is obviously more white than the sky of my youth. Rainbow / halo around the sun or moon also become a common occurence, no longer a rare event anymore. This is sign of something wrong. Other article also already explain how scientist have a great concern for contrails. Contrails is serious problem.

Chemtrails debunker or chemtrails denier often play trick. Be carefull.

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